Electronic Engineering Technology - What our Students Say

Rodney Anderson, Graduate NHTI EET ProgamRodney Anderson '00 with honors

“The curriculum is designed to give you a working knowledge of electronics right from the first semester, unlike at other schools where you may not see a circuits class until the second year. Best of all NHTI is half the price of [other schools].”


Daniel Brogan, Graduate NHTI EET and AET ProgamsDaniel S. Brogan '99

“I think that the combination of real world applications and text book learning in the EET program at NHTI creates a comprehensive learning environment. The background that I received there has certainly helped me in both my employment as a technician and engineer at Melexis of Concord, NH and in my ongoing education at the University of New Hampshire. I received my Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering degree from UNH in December 2001, and am currently enrolled in the Master of Science in Electrical Engineering program. I feel that the EET program at NHTI provides a strong background for whatever direction you chose to take in the area of engineering when you graduate.”

Frank Polito
EET Dept. Chair

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