Computer Engineering Technology Degree What our Students Say

Charles W. Greeley CPET Graduate 2007Charles W. Greeley '07
Managing Member
Digital Data Xperts, LLC.

“I believe the education I received at NHTI is a key ingredient of my professional success. I'm a 1997 CPET graduate. I found the core courses to be very challenging and rewarding. Most of the instructors have in the past or are currently working in the technology industry and know what it takes to succeed in the real world.
I have worked with many Computer/Electrical Engineers with 4 year degrees that have never seen the inside of a computer or even hooked up a small network.
The CPET program gives the student a good balance of hardware and software knowledge. The successful student will have a firm understanding of some of the finer points of how hardware and software must communicate in a real world environment.
I own and operate a computer and network service company. I specialize in computer and network support for small businesses. One of the reasons for our success is our ability to diagnose and repair hardware and software problems. Most companies will only do one or the other.”

Richard LaPlante Graduate CPET program 1993Richard LaPlante, '93
Sr. Project Manager
Dumont Associates

“My time at NHTI was the most rewarding and self-fulfilling of my life. After earning a CPET degree, I went on to receive my Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. However, 90% of what I use everyday in my job I learned at NHTI. I am not speaking strictly of the factual knowledge I gained but also of the analytical skills to overcome everyday technical challenges. The faculty works hard to stay current and deliver to each graduate a skill set that is state-of-the-art. I have stayed involved as a member of the CPET/ET Joint Advisory Committee and have witnessed how dedicated the faculty and staff are to fulfilling the school mission statement. I would highly recommend that anyone, at any age, who is interested in computer technology take advantage of this excellent resource. I enthusiastically say that as a final educational step to a career or as a stepping stone to further education there is no better return on your educational investment of time and money than at NHTI in the CPET program.”

Frank Polito
CPET Dept. Chair

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