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Architectural Engineering Technology Danielle Barrett Class of 2006Danielle Barrett '06

“I chose NHTI for the low tuition, relatively small campus, and the ability to dive into my major without first taking two years of core classes.  I gained valuable knowledge about construction techniques, computer aided design programs, and numerous professional contacts along the way. The professors were always available and encouraging, and the hands-on teaching style made NHTI stand out from all other schools.”

Laura Bicknell, AET graduate '04Laura Bicknell '04

"As I leave NHTI, I have many things to be grateful for. I am grateful that I was challenged above and beyond what I had anticipated. I am grateful that my professors understood and accommodated needs that I had as a mother in school and as a female in a male dominated field. I am grateful for the creative freedom and for the encouragement that I believe will extend beyond NHTI into my intended bachelor/master's program at Oxford-Brookes University in UK. NHTI has a demanding, intensive program that will meet you where you are at, and stretch you further than you had planned to go."

Michael L. Bramhall, AET graduateMichael L. Bramhall '97

"NHTI created the solid foundation in which my higher education and career was built, and it especially taught me the dedication necessary to succeed in the challenging and competitive field of engineering."

Michael Bramhall continued his education at Wentworth Institute of Technology.

Karolina Burtt, AET graduateKarolina Burtt '93

Karolina became a Registered Architect in New Hampshire in February 2001.

"Beyond the obvious that I expected and counted on such as a solid educational program, professionalism of faculty and technologically advanced environment, I was overwhelmed by the attention, care and guidance that I received."

Keith Carlson, AET graduate '04Keith Carlson '04

"NHTI immediately stood out in my search for schools, with its small class sizes, low tuition, and the integration of design, technology, and digital media into its Architectural Engineering Technology program. I gained valuable insight on design techniques and construction technology through design studios, hands-on projects, and related courses. The professors in the ARET program encouraged me to explore new technologies and design techniques, as well as innovative methods of presentation and visualization."

Audrey Cline, AET graduateAudrey Cline '94

"The technical degree I earned from NHTI ARET program has given me a solid background from which I can devleop "on the job" skills when supplying support services for builders, engineers and architects. The underlying structural training from NHTI allows me to dissect a building and move in a direction that is beneficial to the design process."

Katherine Krumm, AET graduate 2000Katherine Krumm '00

"My time at the Tech was wonderful. The professors pushed me and demanded the best from me. The time that was spent in the lab and the classroom was a great preparation for the job I have today. I now teach Mechanical and Architectural drafting at Dover High School and Regional Vocational Center. I would recommend anyone interested in this field to take this program. Most every senior who graduates either has a job lined up or another school to continue their education. NHTI graduates are wanted."

Mark McLeod, AET graduate 2000Mark McLeod '00

"NHTI provided me with a very solid foundation in a wide variety of architectural and engineering design principles, which put me in a beneficial position to begin my post-academic career in an architectural and engineering firm. I have the opportunity now to apply my schooling to many different fields: architectural design, structural engineering, and also civil engineering. NHTI's program has proved to be a thorough introduction to the industry of architectural and engineering design."

Jon Sevigny, AET graduate 2000Jon Sevigny '00

"The knowledge and experience I acquired while attending classes at the NHTI, Concord's Community College has helped me greatly in my Architectural career. The extensive use of CAD and a "hands on" approach to Architectrual engineering was excellent preparation for my current employment. I view my education at NHTI as an invaluable resource that I can build upon and fully relay on."

Alan Tang, AET graduate 1999Alan Tang '99

"I miss being a student at NHTI. I met some of my best friends ever there. I remember the laughter and joy that we shared, the nights at the drafting lab, solving problems and doing homework together. These are some of my greatest memories. Classes were small enough that all my professors knew me by my first name. When I needed help, they were always there for me. Outside of the classroom, I was a member of the number one small college soccer team in New England region for two years in a row. The many challenges that I had at NHTI helped me become a successful architectural designer today. If I had to do it all over again, I definitely would choose to go to NHTI."

Ed Ware, AET graduate 2003Ed Ware '03

"I was extremely impressed at the quality of the education and experience that I got at NHTI. It prepared me to step right in to a BS of Civil Engineering program and I find that I am better equipped than any of the students who do not have a previous degree. The two years spent earning my associates was an excellent investment; I would recommend NHTI without hesitation to any aspiring architect or engineer as an excellent place to begin a college education"

Liaquat Khan, D.A.
ARET Department Head

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