Architectural Engineering Technology - What our Employers Say

Summit Engineering, PLLC LogoAnthony D. Caviello, PE, SE PrincipleSummit Engineering, PLLC

“We have found NHTI’s ARET program to be an excellent source of new hires for our structural engineering firm. Employees in our firm work with senior engineers to perform structural designs on a variety of project types. As they gain experience, these former students will often perform a significant portion of the design and drafting work on the projects they work on.

What has been most helpful for us is that from day one they had the skills necessary to be a valuable member of our team. We will continue to seek out NHTI ARET grads for our future hiring needs.


Turner Group LogoHarold Turner, PresidentTurner Group - Concord, New Hampshire

"The quality of the Graduates from the NHTI's ARET program has enabled our design firm to hire the expertise we need to meet our Clients' growing demands for services.

"Currently, some 20% of our New Hampshire office staff are graduates of NHTI, three of whom are now Associates of the company. In the future, we will continue to look to NHTI to fill highly skilled, well paying positions as we grow."


TMS Architects LogoScott Fiorentino, PresidentThe Fiorentino Group - Portsmouth, New Hampshire

"Structural design, construction detailing, project scheduling, site engineering.these are just a few of the many areas of proficiency necessary to produce today's successful building projects. The ARET Program at NHTI incorporates all of these disciplines in their curriculum and provides the industry with skilled leaders.

"ARET students are grounded in many facets of the building trades and gain a wealth of knowledge that can be applied to their careers. Upon graduation, the opportunity is available for them to pursue a higher degree of learning in a wide diversity of fields such as architecture, structural or civil engineering, or construction management. Due to the preparation they have received in building technology, an ARET graduate has a definite advantage in the field or course of study they choose to pursue or can go right into the work force and begin using these skills immediately.

"The Fiorentino Group is a design-oriented architectural firm using the most current building systems and computer technology to create state-of-the-art buildings. Over the past sixteen years, we have been successful in placing ARET students in our firm and feel that they are a major component in the continued growth and prosperity of our firm. I know first hand the direct relationship of ARET students and our success. I am a graduate of the program."

Liaquat Khan, D.A.
ARET Department Chair

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