Careers in STEM Fields

Excellent opportunities in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math

“Almost all of our students find jobs as soon as they graduate, and sometimes even before graduation, with starting salaries approaching $50,000. So they pay maybe $15,000 for a two-year associate degree, and get a job that pays $50,000. If people understood how good a deal this is, they’d be beating down our door!”

Prof. Joe Cunningham, Dept. Chair, Industrial Design, Manufacturing, Mechanical, Robotics and Automation Engineering Technologies

NHTI student works in CISCO labGet your start here, in fields that drive our nation’s innovation and competitiveness—and can put you on a professionally exciting and financially rewarding career path! NHTI offers a wide selection of programs in the STEM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) that can put you on the road to higher-than-average earnings with a strong outlook for future employment.

Female NHTI student in microbiology lab

In 2016, there were 9 million STEM workers in the United States. Employment in STEM occupations is anticipated to grow much faster than employment in non-STEM occupations from 2016-2026: 10.8 percent versus 7.2 percent respectively. The median annual wage in STEM occupations in 2018 was $84,880.1NHTI student works in robotics lab

STEM careers in New Hampshire represented five percent of all the jobs in the State. STEM jobs in New Hampshire increased a total of 17 percent between 2008 and 2018, right along with the national average in that timeframe.2


Pew Research Center Graph STEM Workers tend to earn more than similarly educated non-STEM workers g

Pew Research Center Graph STEM college majore tend to earn more than non-STEM college majors

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