Allied Health Learning Community



Looking Closely at Health Careers

A Learning Community for Allied Health Students

How does it work?

Your Learning Community will partner you with a group of likeminded pre-health students enrolled in the same four linked courses, which will be scheduled into three days. A team of four faculty will work together to integrate concepts and foster your learning and success. In January 2018, the courses in the Learning Community, Examinations, will include:

The class schedule will be offered on just three days (Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays).

This spring's (2019) Learning Community will focus on the theme of Examinations: Looking Closely at Health Careers. Explore what it means to look deeply at our path and to envision our way forward.

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What is a Learning Community?

A learning community is a group of students who share common academic goals and plans. Their required courses are linked and focus on common themes and connected learning activities. The students in the Learning Community learn and study together, with support of faculty, who collaborate to help students explore their careers and learn strategies to be successful.

What are the advantages of belonging to a Learning Community?

Students in Learning Communities:

  • Form stronger connections to classmates and instructors .
  • Earn better grades, drop fewer classes, finish their education more quickly and enjoy college more.
  • Have preferred scheduling and reserved office hours with faculty.
  • Complete Admissions requirements and general education electives needed for Allied Health programs at NHTI.


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Department Chair
General Studies

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