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A Learning Community is a small group of students who take two, three or more classes together. The classes are linked by a common theme, and the students share similar academic goals. The classes are usually scheduled back to back, and the faculty work together to coordinate assignments, connect ideas and provide extra support for the students. Students in Learning Communities typically earn higher grades, are more likely to get involved and to complete their degrees.

What is a Learning Community?

It is a small group of students who are enrolled in the same classes so they can work together to improve learning and to promote success in the classes.  Faculty in the Learning Community work together to connect course ideas and assignments.

Why would I want to join a Learning Community?

Research shows that students in Learning Communities earn better grades, have a better understanding of the material, make connections across courses, are more satisfied with their college experience and are more connected to their peers and their campus.

Who is eligible to be part of a Learning Community?

All first-year students who are accepted into an academic program that offers Learning Communities are eligible.  For the spring 2019 semester, students who need to take Introduction to Biology, Math, and Composition for admittance into an Allied Health Program can join the Allied Health community.

Future Learning Communities will be offered for Business Management students as well.

What will I be doing in my Learning Community?

You will be taking your required classes with other members of your Learning Community, working together on group projects, engaging in the college community.

Does being in a Learning Community require extra work?

No. The course requirements for your classes remain the same for all students. However, students in learning communities should find the learning experience less stressful and more productive through collaboration.

How will enrolling in a Learning Community affect my schedule?

Students in Learning Communities have a specially designed schedule that usually fits classes into a prime schedule.  The current schedule for the Spring 2019 Allied Health Learning Community has classes on Tuesday and Thursdays and a Biology lab on Friday mornings.

How will being a part of a Learning Community affect transfer to another school?

A transfer school may look favorably on your experience in a Learning Community. Ultimately it is your academic performance that matters most in transfer, and Learning Communities are designed to improve academic performance.

Will being part of a Learning Community affect my non-academic interests, such as working, playing sports, or being involved in clubs or other campus activities?

No. Your eligibility for activities outside your Learning Community will not change.

How do I go about joining a Learning Community?

When preparing to register, tell the person scheduling you that you are interested in the Learning Community.  They can see if you qualify.  For more information email nhtilearningcommunities@ccsnh.edu.

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