Sports Management Course Descriptions

Number sequencing next to course name means the following: first digit designates the number of lecture hours for the course; the second digit designates the number of lab, clinic or practicum hours; and the third digit designates the credit hours for the course.

SPTS 101C Introduction to Sports Management 3-0-3
This introductory course emphasizes basic management principles as they relate to the sports-related enterprises. A variety of marketing techniques and approaches are analyzed to broaden students' background in this area and to better allow them to develop effective and comprehensive sports marketing plans.

SPTS 170C Sports and Recreation Marketing 3-0-3
This course focuses on marketing issues as they relate to sports-related enterprises. A variety of marketing techniques and approaches are analyzed to broaden students' backgrounds in this area and to better allow them to develop effective and comprehensive sports marketing plans.

SPTS 180C Public Relations and Advertising for the Sports Industry 3-0-3
This course provides a cross-disciplinary approach to a variety of promotional issues that sport managers routinely confront. Public relations and advertising professionals offer insights into how sports-related endeavors and businesses can raise public awareness about products and services. (Prerequisites: SPTS 101C and ENGL 101C.)

SPTS 195C/HSTM 195C Sports Tourism 3-0-3
This course examines the relationship between sport travel and the tourism industry. As more people choose to travel to attend or participate in sporting events, a branch of the hospitality and tourism industry has developed to focus on the needs of these clients. Youth sport tourism, for example, has become a $7 billion industry in the United States alone. The study of sports tourism draws upon the disciplines of management, finance, economics, event planning and marketing.

SPTS 210C Sports and Fitness Facilities Management 3-0-3
This course exposes students to the many elements and dynamics associated with managing a sports or fitness facility. Students will visit a variety of structures, arenas, and facilities and will gain an understanding of what is required to develop and successfully administer and market such facilities.

SPTS 220C Sports Communications 3-0-3
This course seeks to provide the student with an appreciation of the unique dynamics associated with the sports communication field. Students will better understand the expectations associated with developing a sports story, a sports news release, and/or a sports opinion piece, via traditional print media or electronic media - radio, television, and/or the Internet. A review of journalistic ethics will be included. Students will gain first-hand experience with regard to producing television and radio broadcasts of live sporting events. (Prerequisites: ENGL 101C and ENGL 120C; SPTS 101C strongly recommended.)

SPTS 225C Sports and Recreation Law 3-0-3
This course focuses on the legal issues unique to the sports world and to sport managers. Numerous case studies and precedents are examined, as well as how they relate to current situations involving professional, intercollegiate, interscholastic and community sports and athletic activities.

SPTS 250C Sports and Society 4-0-4
This course is designed to raise awareness with regard to the sociology of sport and how cultural practices in the world of sport can have significant social, economic, and political consequences. Discussion and research should give future sport managers a broader understanding of how sport impacts different groups of people in different ways throughout this country and beyond.

SPTS 270C Introduction to Sport Analytics 3-0-3
Data analytics can be applied to every functional area of sport business, from marketing to event management to player performance. Using research spanning the sport industry, students will develop a working knowledge of data analysis as it applies to business decisions across the sport industry. (Prerequisites: SPTS 101C and MATH 251C with grades of “C” or higher.)

SPTS 290C Sports Management Internship 0-9-3
This course allows students opportunities to experience real-life sports management situations "in the field." Internships are cooperatively sponsored by participating partners. The course approach and content can be designed to match the needs of the sponsor with the desires of the student, as the student gets hands-on opportunities to participate in the practical application of the sports management concepts and principles studied in the classroom. Students have completed successful internships with the Whittemore Center, Verizon Center, Planet Fitness, New Hampshire International Speedway, Concord Boys and Girls Club, Concord YMCA and many other local or regional facilities or organizations that are sports businesses.

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