Recreation and Wellness Course Descriptions

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Number sequencing next to course name means the following: first digit designates the number of lecture hours for the course; the second digit designates the number of lab, clinic or practicum hours; and the third digit designates the credit hours for the course.

RECR 100AC Basic Weight Training 0-2-1
This physical activity skills course provides instruction in basic muscle strength and muscle endurance training using free weights, machines, and body weight (core). Safe and effective exercise techniques, programming (progression), and goal development are addressed in a carefully supervised setting. (Prerequisites: Students must complete the NHTI Wellness Center Liability Release form prior to entry into the class. Note that students with known balance, bone, joint, cardiac, respiratory, or other health issues should consult with the Department Head of Hospitality and Tourism Management and their healthcare providers to ensure safe participation.)

31 College Drive
Concord, NH 03301
(603) 230-4011