Diagnostic Medical Sonography Course Descriptions

Number sequencing next to course name means the following: first digit designates the number of lecture hours for the course; the second digit designates the number of lab, clinic or practicum hours; and the third digit designates the credit hours for the course.

DGMS 201C Principles of Sonography 3-2-4
An introduction to principles of ultrasound with emphasis on physical principles, instrumentation and terminology. Laboratory sessions will offer "hands-on" learning techniques.

DGMS 221C Sonographic Physics 3-0-3
Study of the physical principles involved in ultrasound and state-of-the-art equipment technology. (Prerequisite: DGMS 201C)

DGMS 233C Seminars in Sonography 4-0-4
Sessions will be used for case presentations by students and preparation for registry exams. (Prerequisites: DGMS 297C and DGMS 241C)

DGMS 241C Principles of Vascular Ultrasound 3-2-4
Study of physical and doppler principles utilized in the ultrasound study of vascular structures. Laboratory sessions will introduce students to scanning techniques used in vascular studies. (Prerequisites: DGMS 201C and DGMS 221C)

DGMS 265C Sonographic Anatomy and Pathology I 3-0-3
Study of gross, sagittal and cross sectional anatomy of the abdomen and the pathological changes and disease processes which are found in ultrasound examination of the abdominal region.

DGMS 266C Sonographic Anatomy and Pathology II 3-0-3
A continuation of Sonographic Anatomy and Pathology I with an introduction of small parts anatomy and an in-depth study of pathologic changes and disease processes found in relation to these structures. (Prerequisites: DGMS 201C and DGMS 265C)

DGMS 275C Sonographic Principles of OB/GYN I 3-0-3
In depth study of the anatomy of female reproductive organs and associated pathological changes with introduction to first trimester fetal development.

DGMS 277C Sonographic Principles of OB/GYN II 3-0-3
A continuation of Sonographic OB/GYN I, with emphasis on the continuing process of fetal development and associated pathologic conditions. (Prerequisites: DGMS 201C and DGMS 275C)

DGMS 291C DMS Clinical Procedures I 0-12-4
Two days per week of observation and direct hands-on experience in the campus lab designed to familiarize students with working procedures in an ultrasound lab. Basic examination techniques will be performed. Students will work with each other and faculty on ultrasound equipment, simulators, and computer applications.All students enrolled in DGMS 291C will be charged a $500 per semester clinical surcharge.

DGMS 296C DMS Clinic II 0-24-6
Three days per week of clinical experience at selected clinical sites. Students will gain continued scanning experience.All students enrolled in DGMS 296C will be charged a $500 per semester clinical surcharge. (Prerequisites:DGMS 201C, DGMS 265C, DGMS 275C and DGMS 291C)

DGMS 297C DMS Clinic III 0-21-5
Four 8-hour days per week at selected clinical sites for a 10 week period with emphasis on expanded roles in the ultrasound studies. Students will develop intermediate level skills and recognition of pathology will be stressed. All students enrolled in DGMS 297C will be charged a $500 per semester clinical surcharge. (Prerequisites: DGMS 221C, DGMS 266C, DGMS 277C and DGMS 296C)

DGMS 298C DMS Clinic IV 0-32-8
Four days per week of final experience to strengthen scanning and interpretation skills in preparation for challenging registry exams and entry into the sonography field. All students enrolled in DGMS 298C will be charged a $500 per semester clinical surcharge. (Prerequisites: DGMS 241C and DGMS 297C)

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