Community Social Service Course Descriptions

Number sequencing next to course name means the following: first digit designates the number of lecture hours for the course; the second digit designates the number of lab, clinic or practicum hours; and the third digit designates the credit hours for the course.

CSS 111C Introduction to Community Social Services 3-0-3
Provides an introduction to the history of care provided to people with a variety of disabilities and challenges. Presents and describes the principles of community integration and social role valorization, discusses client rights, quality of life, guardianship, and emerging issues in community social services. Presents a model for evaluating the quality of community social services.

CSS 112C Supportive Communication Skills 4-0-4
A study of the knowledge, skill, and personal characteristics that are needed in today's professional world of helping careers will be examined. Students will learn the purpose and skill of interpersonal communication techniques through various didactic and experiential methods. Coverage will include documentation, verbal and nonverbal communication, along with time management, self management, and successful work practices. Dynamics of human behavior, culture, and specific needs seen in the workplace will be explored.

CSS 115C Learning and Behavior 3-0-3
This course discusses the history and principles of behaviorism and presents a learning theory and teaching techniques based on positive behavioral principles. Presentation and discussion focus on the ethical and client rights issues of positive behavior change, and recent trends and techniques for applying learning principles in a variety of settings. (Prerequisite: CSS 111C and PSYC 105C)

CSS 116C Assessment and Individual Planning 3-0-3
This course reviews the process for designing and implementing support for human service consumers. Presentation and discussion will include current and evolving models for assessment and planning, as well as the factors that influence achievement of individual plans. (Prerequisites: CSS 111C, CSS 115C, PSYC 105C, PSYC 220C)

CSS 117C Community Social Service Practicum 2-8-4
This course is designed to provide initial experience with human services programs, agencies, and their customers. The student will develop professionally and will survey human services agencies and programs. The course will focus on issues of professionalism, ethics, the development of interviewing skills, and the analysis of case studies. Students will be expected to become familiar with a variety of agencies or programs. Guest speakers, consumers, and others may be invited to introduce students to their particular area of human services. A total of 125 hours will be spent in the field to meet the course requirement. (Prerequisites: CSS 111C, CSS 112C, CSS 115C, CSS 116C)

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