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Travel/Study Abroad Experience

Students will learn about another country through on-site study that may include visitation to historic sites, libraries, archives, cultural events, and museums. The history, culture, economy, and politics of the host country will be examined. Students will increase their cultural awareness and cross-cultural sensitivity through exposure to people from different countries and cultures. As a […]

Conflict Resolution in Modern Society

This course provides an overview of theories and research concerning the nature of conflict and methods for resolving conflict. The foundation of the course is social systems theory; the course examines conflicts among social institutions and conflicts among diverse populations. The effects of conflict upon the individual are considered. The course provides the student/practitioner with […]

Marriage, Family and Personal Relationships

This course will examine concepts and issues associated with family life and personal relationships. A variety of social problems that impact personal relationships, marriage, and the family will be addressed that have resulted from social, cultural, political and economic changes in society. Such issues as gender role socialization, diversity of family forms, men and women […]

Service, Citizenship and Community (SRV)

This course introduces students to the interdisciplinary study of community and the particular role citizen participation plays in constructing communities and accomplishing public goals. Students will engage in various ideas, debates and strategies regarding the development of communities while engaging in 20 hours of community service in area agencies or grassroots nonprofit community organizations. The […]

Special topics courses listed under Special Topics in Sociology

Courses under this heading will provide the opportunity to focus on topical issues in the field of sociology and will be presented with an interdisciplinary approach. Faculty present material not normally covered in regular course offerings. (Prerequisite: PSYC 105C or SOCI 105C or other social science course appropriate to the topic)

Race and Ethnic Relations

This course will examine social and historical experiences of the major minority groups in order to better understand their social, cultural, and economic status, and group relations in the United States. Contemporary topics will include: diversity, assimilation, ethnic identity, prejudice, discrimination, racism, class, gender, immigration, inequality, and poverty. This course provides an opportunity to examine […]

Environment and Society

Society and the natural environment are vitally linked in a number of ways. In this course, we will explore these connections at various levels from the local to the global, but with a focus upon your life and your local community as important case studies. What social forces drive environmental degradation and our responses to […]

Introduction to Sociology

An introductory study of the concepts, principles, and applications of the social science method in general and of sociology in particular. A review of some of the crucial sociological problems of today, involving the relationship of the individual to society and groups of individuals to one another. Some topics included are culture, race, class, social […]