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Robotics and Automation II

A continuation of the Robotics and Automation I course covering advanced topics which include the integration of robots and CNC machines into manufacturing cells. The integration of automation equipment such as PLCs, motion control devices, and vision systems is also covered. The laboratory work includes the use of PLCs, robots, CNC machines, and other automation […]

Robotics and Automation I

This course is an introduction to fixed and flexible automation equipment. An emphasis is placed upon flexible equipment components such as the industrial robot. Robot topics include history, geometric configuration, component subsystems, robot safety, basic programming and operation, and end effector design. Laboratory work includes the use of industrial robot arms to perform various independent […]

PLC Programming

Students will develop a thorough understanding of modern, industry-standard PLC hardware and software to enable them to use PLCs effectively. Topics include the PLC as a task specific computer; program scan; relay ladder logic; digital and analog; sequencers/drums; functions and function blocks; RLL, SCL, FBD; Human Machine Interface (HMI); and other industry related topics. Numerous […]