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Radiographic Clinical Procedures V

Students will refine their skills in preparation for the workplace and complete all required clinical competencies for the program. All students enrolled in RADT 295C will be charged a $500 […]

Radiographic Clinical Procedures IV

Students will be required to rotate through a second clinical affiliate for the purpose of learning other procedures, protocols and technology. All students enrolled in RADT 294C will be charged […]

Digital Processing and Computerized Tomography

An understanding of the components, principles and operation of digital imaging systems found in diagnostic radiology. Factors that impact image acquisition, display, archiving and retrieval are discussed as well as […]

Pathology and Cross-Sectional Anatomy

This course introduces concepts related to disease with etiological considerations Included in this course is the understanding of how the disease process works and recognizing the radiographic appearance of specific […]

Advanced Radiographic Procedures

This course is a continuation of RADT 159C and examines the radiographic positioning of the cranium, facial bones, and paranasal sinuses. Other topics include trauma, mobile and surgical radiography, pediatric […]

Radiographic Physics 3-0-3

A basic review of the physical principles of matter, leading to tube production of electricity with its ramifications pertinent to the field of radiologic technology. Basic radiation producing circuitry is […]

Radiographic Clinical Procedures III

This course is a continuation of the clinical component of RADT 164C. Students will complete their first clinical assignment and build on the procedures taught in RADT 103C, RADT 159C […]

Radiographic Positioning II and Clinical Procedures I

This course is an examination of the radiographic positioning of the osseous system. Topics in this course include: positioning, radiographic exposure factors, medical terminology, pathology, radiographic anatomy, radiation protection, and […]

Patient Care for the Radiographer

Discussion of the proper handling of sick, injured and infectious patients along with the proper care and use of medical equipment and supplies. Pharmacology, medical ethics and the medicolegal aspects […]

Radiation Protection

Topics covered in this course include: radiation quantities and units; interaction of radiation with the body tissues; molecular and cellular radiation biology; dose limits; equipment design for radiation protection; early […]

Radiographic Imaging Technology I

A discussion of the principles leading to the production of the manifest image. The general design of the x-ray tube as well as x-ray production and emission. Tube rating charts, […]