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Hybrid Vehicle Technology

Please note: This course is not currently being offered.A general engineering study of the hybrid vehicle design and its impact on the environment and industry. Engineering principles such as vehicle […]

Design Graphics II

Please note: This course is not currently being offered.A continuation of MCET 101C into topics of Computer-Aided Drawing and Design (CAD). The CAD training will include detailing, assembly drawings, Geometric […]

Mechanical Design II

A continuation of MCET 250C, treating the topics of rigid and elastic fasteners, shafts and bearings, welds, springs, clutches and brakes. A series of design projects combining several of these […]

Dynamics and Mechanical Design I

A study of the effect of forces acting on rigid and deformable bodies subject to static and dynamic loading, and the utilization of this knowledge for the design of mechanical […]


The fundamentals of equilibrium thermodynamics will be presented. Topics will include thermodynamic properties, processes, process diagrams, the First and Second laws, entropy, and an introduction to thermodynamic cycles. Energy analysis […]

Material Science

This course studies the structures, properties and behavior of engineering materials as well as how they can be altered through mechanical working and heat treating. Materials considered are ferrous and […]

Statics and Strength of Materials

Analysis of external force systems acting upon bodies in equilibrium with subsequent treatment of the stresses and strains induced. Laboratory projects will involve the use of nondestructive and destructive testing […]

Engineering Principles

This course is an introductory level survey course of engineering exploring a broad range of topics across multiple disciplines. Topics include mechanisms, energy, machine control, fluid power, statics, materials, statistics, […]

Advanced CAD Modeling

This is a computer aided design (CAD) course that builds upon the skills learned in MCET105C Engineering Design.  Advanced features of CAD will be explored and demonstrated in their application […]

Engineering Design

This course introduces students to the fundamentals of engineering design and professional practice through the use of hands-on projects. Students will learn about the design cycle and the necessary steps […]