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Quality Control

A study of the techniques used to collect, organize and analyze information which can be used in making decisions regarding quality. The course will begin with a review of the […]

Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM)

A study of flexible industrial automation as it applies to product-producing industry. Particular emphasis is on numerical control, CAD/CAM, and computer integrated manufacturing. The basic theory and application of these […]

Production Systems

A study of the organization of the production system as well as the techniques used to control its operation. Topics covered include forecasting, production planning, plant layout, inventory control, work […]

Manufacturing Processes and Machine Tools

A technical study of the theory, equipment and application of machine tools and metal removal processes. Processes covered include turning, milling, drilling, with an emphasis on numerical control. Theory is […]

Lean Manufacturing

A study of the concept of Lean Production applied to the manufacturing sector. The course covers the fundamental concepts and philosophy of lean used to achieve operational excellence. Lean concepts […]

Measurement and Control

The course begins with the study of basic electronics (analog and digital) and electronic components (transistors, op-amps, SCR’s). Electromechanical principles are introduced, leading to consideration of sensors and transducers used […]

Manufacturing and Materials Processing

The course is designed to provide a basic understanding of traditional methods of materials processing used in product manufacturing. Through lectures, demonstrations, and firsthand laboratory exposure, the student is given […]