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LNC Internship

The internship offers the opportunity to combine the theoretical and practical issues of the classroom in the workplace setting. Students are required to complete a specified number of hours in […]

Legal and Healthcare Ethics

Examination of ethical issues. Topics include legal professional ethical rules, healthcare ethical issues with emphasis on skills necessary to guide self and others in the process of ethical decision making.

Healthcare Law

The course focuses on issues in the healthcare industry such as organization, treatment, staff requirements, regulatory compliance and record management. Topics include the delivery of healthcare services, private and public […]

Administrative Law

The course covers the delegation of power to agencies, the procedures followed by agencies, and judicial and other oversight of agencies. The power of agencies to promulgate rules, decide individual […]

Risk Management

The student will define and examine risk management as well as be provided with the legal knowledge to assess and reduce risks to patients, visitors, staff and institution. The student […]

Legal Nurse Consulting

This course is the introduction course for the Legal Nurse Consulting program and provides a comprehensive program for the principles and practices of Legal Nurse Consulting today. This course examines […]