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This course provides training in introductory and advanced topics related to spreadsheet creation, formatting and printing. Topics include row and column operations, formula creation (including functions), graph creation and printing, database management techniques, and macro design and execution. (Prerequisite: IST 102C or permission of the Department Chair of Information Technology.)

Introduction to Linux

This is the first of a two-course series that takes a computer professional knowing nothing about Linux to be a fully capable Linux administrator. Students learn how to install & configure a computer running Linux, perform maintenance tasks with the command line, manage hardware and disks, maintain the file system and edit text files. Some […]

Database Design and Management

Introduces students to the basic concepts used in database design and then introduces advanced topics such as Structured Query Language (SQL), data modeling, table creation, normalization, views, forms, queries, and reports. The lab component includes development of business applications using a relational database, MS SQL Server. This is an entry-level course. No prior database knowledge […]

Programming Fundamentals

Introduces students to design and develop computer programs using the C# language. Students learn and resolve a range of programming problems by applying techniques of design, structured coding, debugging, error handling and troubleshooting. The course begins by exploring procedural syntax and concludes with an introduction to object-oriented programming. Topics include problem analysis, computer logic and […]

Personal Computer Hardware and Software

This course is an in-depth exposure to computer hardware and operating systems. Students learn the functionality of hardware and software components as well as suggested best practices in maintenance and safety issues. Through hands-on activities and labs, students learn how to assemble and configure a computer as well as install multiple operating systems and diagnostic […]

IT Career Topics

This course is a series of presentations and panel discussions lead by Alumni, HR representatives and other Industry leaders in the field on important topics in Information Technology specifically regarding careers in IT. The goal of this course is to expose students to a variety of career types that incorporate IT. The hope is that […]

Programming with Raspberry Pi

This course is designed for students new to the world of Information Technology. It emphasizes hands-on learning using the Raspberry Pi to introduce key IT concepts that appear throughout the Networking and Software Development degree programs. Concepts include computing principles and terminology, the relationship between hardware and software, programming principles, system administration and automation, and […]

PC Applications

This extended version of PC Applications is designed for students less experienced in IT essentials. Topics are introduced and developed at a slower pace to enhance learning. The course introduces students to desktop applications with an emphasis on Microsoft Office. Topics will include use of an operating system, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Internet […]

PC Applications

These accelerated versions of PC Applications are designed for those students who are more experienced in IT essentials and comfortable with self-directed learning. Students enrolling in any IT102A sections should expect topics to be introduced and developed by the instructor more quickly than in traditional sections of IT102. The course introduces students to desktop applications […]

PC Applications

The course introduces students to desktop applications with an emphasis on topics from a user perspective. Topics include use of: an operating system, a word processor, a spreadsheet, presentation software, Internet and hardware and software considerations. (Note: Students may not receive credit for both IST 102C, IST 102AC and IST 102XC.)