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Senior IT Internship

Capstone course for the Information Technology curriculum providing application of skills acquired in a “Real World” environment. Students test their ability to organize and interpret data, develop and apply programmed solutions to problems and submit thorough documentation of the task. (Prerequisite: IST 291C.)

Advanced Windows Server Configuration

This course covers advanced network services, file services, dynamic access control, network load balancing, failover clustering and disaster recovery. It prepares the student to take the Microsoft 70-412 ce1iification exam for Server 2012 R2. (Prerequisites: IST 281C.)


Explores concepts and capabilities of virtual architecture with a focus on the installation, configuration, and management of a VMware virtual infrastructure, ESX Server, and VirtualCenter. Covers fundamentals of virtual network design and implementation, fundamentals of storage area networks, virtual switching, virtual system management, and engineering for high availability. (Prerequisites: IST 108C and IST 153C with […]

Administering Windows Server

This course covers implementing Group Policy; managing user and service accounts; maintaining directory services, configuring DNS and remote access; and optimizing file services and security. (Prerequisites: IST 280C.)

Advanced Linux

This is the second of two courses that introduce the basics of Linux system management and prepares students to earn a Linux Certification. It is designed as a natural extension of the IST 170C course and introduces advanced file-system management capabilities, security controls, and firewall configuration. Students will learn how to manage scheduled jobs,perform troubleshooting […]

Cisco VoIP

This senior level course incorporates both theory and hand-on labs on topics such as connecting IP phones to the LAN infrastructure, installing Call Manager Express (CME), CME phone configuration, gateway and trunk concepts and configuration, as well as other topics pertaining to Voice over Internet Protocol. Students successfully completing this course will have mastered the […]

Network Security

This course is designed to give students the skills needed to identify and resolve computer and network security issues. The course will provide students an introduction to firewalls and other network security components that can be used to work together to create an in-depth defensive perimeter around a Local Area Network (LAN). Students will learn […]

Advanced Web Programming

Students learn to design, build and deploy a modern web application. Topics include database integration, asynchronous communication, design patterns, and security. Coursework combines conceptual and hands-on learning components and concludes with an independent web application development project.[Prerequisite: IST210, IST140]

C# Programming

This course introduces advanced programming topics in C# and prepares the student to earn a Microsoft Certified Professional certification by passing the 70-483 Programming in C# exam. The student will learn to manage program flow, create and use types, debug applications, implement security and implement data access in a C# environment. (Prerequisites: IST 215C.)

Mobile Application Development

A hands-on training course for designing and building mobile applications on the Android platform. This course walks students through a series of app-driven exercises showing the relationships among application building blocks. (Prerequisite: IST 110C, co-requisite IST 210.)

Advanced Windows Programming

This course builds on the concepts learned in IST 210 and use .NET Framework and C# programming language. Besides using object-oriented programming, students learn and use functional programing to design and develop moderately complex applications. Students also learn Data Structures and Algorithms, Generics, Collections, WPF, UWP and Entity Framework. Hands-on labs include performance analysis of […]

Object Oriented Programming

Begins with an introduction to the Java programming language and then uses both Java and C# programming languages to cover topics such as: arrays, strings, collections, exception handling and object-oriented programming. Object-oriented programming covers problem conceptualization, class definition, object instantiation, method definition and invocation, the principles and practices of reuse, inheritance and polymorphism. It also […]