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Human Service Practicum II

The student will continue his/her field experience work in an approved human service setting under the supervision of an approved professional. Skills, knowledge and personal characteristics are built upon and integrated into the learning and supervision of this course, as well as second year coursework including ethics, individual counseling and conflict resolution. Periodic conferences between […]

Ethics and the Professional Helper

A case related study of the ethical principles determining the standards of practice in the Human Service Field including Mental Health and Addiction Counseling. This course is reserved for the practitioner. Topics taken from the related national code of ethics will be discussed. The issues presented will be role-played and resolved according to universal philosophical […]

Social and Professional Issues in Today’s Society

The student will examine and explore a variety of social and professional issues in today’s society relating to the helping field. Skill and knowledge-based topics necessary for the success of the student’s career in today’s workplace may include basic human needs in homelessness, poverty, advocacy work, grant writing/proposals/funding, culturally competent counselor standards and community mental […]

Human Service Practicum I

The student will work in an approved human service setting under the supervision of an approved professional. Periodic conferences between the Supervisor and Practicum Coordinator are planned in order to evaluate the student’s progress. At the close of the semester, the student will submit documentation of the practicum activities/experience and demonstrate the ability to relate […]

Introduction to Human Service

An introductory course identifying the programs and activities of social and human service. Focuses on the practical problems facing the human service/mental health worker and examines the attitudes and objectives to be attained.