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Hospitality and Tourism Summer Residency Program

This is a hands-on, interactive practicum in which students will experience the operations of a hotel/resort while in residence. Students will complete five (5) full days engaging in the back-of-the-house […]

Hospitality and Tourism Internship

The internship offers the opportunity to put learned theory to practical application in a supervised work environment. Students are required to complete a minimum of 90 hours and complete a […]

Senior Travel Seminar

This course addresses current issues in the hospitality/tourism industry through discussion, reports (oral and written) and reading professional literature. Students will examine business ethics and professional development through the use […]

Catering Operations

Food Service can determine the success or failure of any event. Catering Operations examines how a conference/event planner designs and implements the food service needs of the event. Students will […]

Food and Beverage Management

Students will examine the financial relationship of the food and beverage aspect of the hotel industry. Topics covered are: marketing, food purchase controls, production, service, management of bar and beverage, […]

Tour Planning and Cruise Sales

The first half of the class is devoted to planning, guiding and escorting tours. Students will develop a tour, budget and marketing plan. Additional areas covered are group behavior, ethics […]

Hospitality Sales and Marketing

This course focuses on the hospitality markets and products. The student will analyze the organization of the hotel sales and marketing department by looking at the importance of increasing revenue […]

Principles of Wedding Planner Management

This course provides an introduction to the planning and management of weddings. Students will examine all aspects of wedding planning from event coordination to design and planning of weddings, including […]

Event, Meeting and Convention Planning

This course gives students the experience in developing an event, meeting and/or conference program. Students will go through the step-by-step process of pre-planning, budget/agenda preparation, and marketing the event. Other […]

Principles of Ecotourism Management

This course will introduce students to the history, concepts, marketing, planning and management of ecotourism activities and development. Students will exam the relationship between natural and cultural resources with a […]

Writing for the Travel Professional

Travel writing provides some of the most powerful, elegant, and descriptive forms of writing. Travel writing ranges across the whole of the modern world, dealing with issues as varied as […]

Special topics courses listed under

Courses listed under this heading provide the opportunity to focus on specialized topical issues encompassing the tourism/hospitality industry and will be offered with an interdisciplinary approach. Faculty will be presenting […]