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This course is an introduction to the basic concepts, theories and methods of play direction that emphasizes text analysis, leading to the creation of the prompt book and production of […]

Musical Theater

This course is an exploration of American Musical Theatre. Students will study the work of the actor/singer/dancer and use their gained knowledge to develop as performers and intelligent audience members. […]


To illuminate and guide each student through the art and craft of writing for performance. This course explores the fundamental principles needed to build a realistic play that is intended […]

Children’s Theatre

This course examines techniques for theatre in the classroom, creative dramatics, and theatre for young audiences. It examines the dramatic structure, audience needs, directing, and acting techniques that are employed […]

Theater History: Prewriting to 1800

An examination of theater history from pre-writing to the Restoration through the context of play reading and primary texts. The course studies how the interrelationships among technologies, ideologies, geography, history, […]

Introduction to the Theatre

This course will provide a broad survey of the basic components of theatre. Because theatre is a study of the possible, that is, what may result from the collaboration of […]

Acting II

This course is a continuation of Acting I and is an introduction to diverse acting approaches through the practical study of scenes and monologues in class. Exercises, exploring these various […]

Acting I

Acting One is an introduction to drama as a performing art, with emphasis upon physical movement and the use of voice in the development of characterization. Students will learn to […]

Vocal Production and Performance

This course offers an opportunity to study various aspects of vocal production and performance, which will include vocal process from theory to application. The vocal process will focus on optimizing […]

Introduction to Guitar

This course offers a fundamental approach to learning the guitar for beginning students with varied levels of experience. Students will be involved with and exposed to performance situations, some practical […]

World Music

Through the exploration of “soundscapes,” or music within a cultural setting, students will learn sound characteristics and instrument classification that can be used for any type of music. Students will […]

The History of Jazz, Blues and Rock and Roll

This course examines the history of three of America’s great musical contributions to world culture-jazz, blues and rock & roll-via detailed study of several masterpieces in each genre. Students will […]