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Communication: Mindful

Through this survey course focusing on the application of communication principles and theories, students will develop public speaking, interpersonal, intrapersonal and group communication skills. Through an in-depth look at self-concept, […]

Reading Comprehension

The main goal of this course is to move learners toward higher proficiency in reading comprehension and cultural literacy by investigating concepts and texts related to many fields of study […]

Communicating Mindfully Capstone

This capstone course will review and build upon key elements of mindful communication students have been studying throughout their degree program. In particular, students will practice applying mindful communication skills […]

Women in Literature

Through readings, lectures and class discussion, images of women in literature are traced from Eve through contemporary characters, incorporating critical analysis of selected works in fiction, nonfiction, poetry and drama. […]

Introduction to Linguistics

The course focuses on linguistics, the scientific study of language. We will explore the properties of language and the linguistic challenges faced by English language learners. The course will expand […]

Literature, Technology and Culture

This course examines the cultural implications of science and technology in the modern world. Students study a range of essays and fictional works in traditional literature, science, and science fiction, […]

Modern Short Fiction

A study of fiction focusing on elements and themes of the short story art form in stories written in the past 150 years. Through close reading, lectures and discussions, stories […]

The Novel

A genre class designed for advanced students, “The Novel” selects from a wide range of representative texts in this essential literary form. Students will read approximately eight works of fiction. […]


A study of representative works by William Shakespeare. Selections are chosen from histories, comedies, and tragedies. Students are introduced to the social and cultural characteristics of the Early Modern Period, […]

Contemporary Drama

A seminar focused on major European and American drama since the 19th century. Through reading, discussion and lecture regarding the works of major writers, students are exposed to contemporary issues […]

Cultural Identity through Young Adult Fiction

Students will read, discuss, and evaluate a range of literature written for young adults (grades 8-12). This course will investigate the social and cultural “norms” that are presented to teens […]