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Senior Design Project

This course is the culmination of two years of theoretical study in the electronics engineering field and is intended to exercise and enhance the student’s practical competency in that field. […]

Design Project Preparation

This course contains the background material and preparation necessary for Senior Design Project (ELET 306) and consists of three integrated learning objectives which are studied concurrently. Objective one will be […]

Advanced Topics in Electronics

This course introduces students to advanced applications in electronics. Topics covered include but are not limited to: an introduction to electronic communication theory including digital communications, fiber optics, programmable logic […]

Advanced Digital Electronics

Advanced topics in digital electronics are covered in this course. These topics include the internal structure of logic families, complex digital circuits, synchronous logic, A/D and D/A conversion, timing diagrams, […]

Electronics II

This course is a continuation of Electronics I covering more advanced electronics topics with a variety of applications. The non-ideal characteristics of op-amps and other electronic devices will be discussed […]

Embedded Microsystems

Personal computers are used to host an integrated hardware/software development system for applications with embedded Microcontrollers. A system level approach to the specification, decomposition, hardware/software development, and system integration for […]

Digital Fundamentals

Open to all majors, this introductory digital course is designed for students with little or no electronics skills. Topics covered include basic logic gates, Base 2, 10, and 16 number […]

Electronics I

This is a study of the physical behavior of electronic devices. Emphasis is on analysis and application of electronic circuits utilizing semiconductor diodes, operational amplifiers, and transistors. Topics covered include […]

Circuit Analysis

A continuation of Electric Circuits. This course covers AC circuit analysis techniques including mesh and nodal analysis, and network theorems such as Norton’s, Thevenin’s, and maximum power transfer. Treatment is […]

Electric Circuits

A beginning course in electricity, this course covers basic electric circuit theory, the nature of electricity, resistance, current and voltage. Detailed coverage of topics includes direct current, alternating current, Ohm’s […]