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Essentials of adequate diet, vitamins and nutritional balances/imbalances, emphasizing total body heath and dental care are discussed.  Emphasis is placed on oral manifestation of nutritional diseases, dietary analysis and counseling for the prevention of dental caries and periodontal disease. (Prerequisite CHEM 125C with a minimum grade of “C”)

Clinical Dental Hygiene II

Clinical Dental Hygiene II is a continuation of Clinical Dental Hygiene I. Students will apply techniques learned in Clinical Dental Hygiene I directly on clinical patients. Emphasis is placed on the introduction of additional dental hygiene instruments, as well as dental health education techniques. A classroom seminar for learning activities and group discussion is included. […]

Clinical Dental Hygiene I

A pre-clinical course for the development and application of information relating to preventive dental hygiene services. Includes topics on asepsis, infection control, gathering and evaluating patient medical and dental histories, legal and ethical considerations, body mechanics, intra and extra oral exams, and instrumentation. Use of adjunct dental hygiene aids is also taught. Skills will be […]

Dental Assisting Science II

An introductory study of drugs with specific consideration of those used in dentistry. Emphasis on drug origin, properties, dosages and therapeutic effects. Studies in oral pathology will include signs and symptoms of the diseases common to the oral cavity to include neoplastic disease and the inflammatory response. (Prerequisite: ADED 110C.)

Dental Assisting Science I

A study of the anatomy of the head, emphasizing the osteological landmarks and the structures of the oral cavity. Both the permanent and primary dentitions are studied, including embryonic development and eruption patterns. In addition, an introduction to the structure and function of the human body systems in health and disease will be presented.

Dental Radiology for Dental Assisting

Lectures and demonstrations are coordinated with laboratory practice on mannequins to develop mastery of dental radiographic techniques to include digital radiography, processing, mounting and evaluating films. Emphasis will be placed on client and operator protection, exposure and processing errors, asepsis protocol, radiographic techniques and equipment function. Two clients will be scheduled near the end of […]

Dental Hygiene II

An introduction to common systemic diseases with emphasis on dental hygiene treatment planning and management of medical and dental emergencies. Topics discussed during seminar include substance abuse, stress, occupational and environmental hazards and special needs patients. (Prerequisite: BIOL 195C with a minimum grade of “C,” ADED 100C, ADED 113C and ADED 134C.)

Dental Hygiene I

An introduction to the theories and principles of the delivery of dental hygiene care, including evaluation of the patient, professional and clinical services. Emphasis will be placed on current concepts in preventive dentistry.