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Clinical Dental Hygiene III

Practical application of dental hygiene theories and techniques with emphasis on individual patients’ oral health needs and the further development of oral prophylactic and radiographic techniques, including the preparation of diagnostic aids and patient education. Students will gain experience through work in their on-campus clinical assignments. All students enrolled in ADED 212C will be charged […]

Dental Hygiene III

Lectures in periodontology with emphasis on the hygienist’s role in detection and treatment of periodontal disease. Techniques of patient evaluation, instrumentation and prevention are taught in lecture and implemented in the laboratory/clinic situation. (Prerequisites: ADED 103C, ADED 114C, ADED 136C, and ADED 140C.)

Dental Assisting Clinical Experience II

Experience in a dental office performing chair-side assisting, laboratory procedures, office procedures, and exposing, processing and mounting radiographs. All students enrolled in ADED 196C will be charged a $500 per semester clinical surcharge. (Prerequisites: ADED 105C, ADED 110C, ADED 161C, ADED 175C and ADED 191C.)

Dental Assisting Clinical Experience I

Clinic sessions are coordinated with lectures in preclinical theory. Demonstration and practice of all procedures in simulated clinical situations including the dental assistant’s role in medical emergencies.  All students enrolled in ADED 191C will be charged a $500.00 per semester clinical surcharge.

Office Procedures and Management with Computer Applications

Development of working knowledge of office procedures to include telephone techniques, appointment scheduling and filing systems. Lectures will include fundamentals of bookkeeping systems, prepaid dental care plans, payroll and inventory control. Information from lecture topics will be integrated into Dental Assisting Theory II with the use of specialized office management software. (Prerequisite: ADED 110C.)

Dental Assisting Theory I

A course designed to teach the dental assisting student clinical techniques.  Includes information on sterilization and disinfection techniques, charting, and the use of dental equipment and instruments.  Students are introduced to four-handed chairside assisting as it pertains to all types of dental procedures including oral evacuation, instrument transfer, tray set-ups, and completing dental clinical records. […]

Dental Materials-DH

An introduction to the composition and properties of dental materials with emphasis on materials currently utilized in dental and dental hygiene treatments. Laboratory sessions are coordinated with lectures to provide practice in manipulation of materials with emphasis on impression taking and preparation of study casts. (Prerequisite: CHEM 125C with a minimum grade of “C;” ADED […]

Dental Materials-DA

Study of the composition and properties of materials used in dentistry. Laboratory sessions emphasize practice in manipulation of various materials.

Oral Hygiene Education/Nutrition

Methods of preventive oral hygiene education, including patient motivation, will be discussed. Lectures in nutrition will stress the importance of good eating habits in maintaining optimal general and dental health. Emphasis will be given to the essential role of the dental assistant in counseling the patient in these disciplines. (Prerequisite: ADED 110C.)

Dental Radiology for Dental Hygiene

Lectures and demonstrations are coordinated with laboratory practice on mannequins to develop mastery of dental radiographic techniques as well as processing, mounting and evaluating films. Other topics include the principles of digital radiography, radiographic interpretation, radiographic landmarks and localization techniques. Emphasis will be placed on patient and operator protection and equipment function. Patients will be […]

Oral Anatomy II

A detailed study of the embryonic development and anatomy of the hard and soft tissues of the face and oral cavity. Study of the anatomical structure of the head and neck with emphasis on the cranial nerves, muscles of mastication and facial expression, temporomandibular joint, vascular and lymphatic systems, tooth development and histology of dental […]

Oral Anatomy I

A detailed study of the anatomy of the deciduous and permanent dentitions. Also included is tooth eruption and basic dental terminology. This course includes laboratory sessions which are coordinated with lectures to provide practical applications of dental anatomy.