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Dental Assisting Clinical Experience III

Expanded opportunities in chair-side assisting to encompass all dental specialties including orthodontics, surgery, endodontics, pedodontics, and prosthodontics. A weekly seminar is held to evaluate the individual clinical experiences. (Prerequisites: ADED […]

Dental Assisting Theory II

A course designed to introduce the dental advanced functions to dental assisting students. Includes instruction in basic instrumentation concepts, removal of coronal cement, application of pit and fissure sealants, suture […]

Dental Hygiene Science – Oral Pathology

Oral pathology includes the study of diseases affecting the oral cavity, manifestations of inflammation, degenerative changes, neoplastic disease, and anomalies. Oral pathology prepares the student to detect deviations from normal […]

Dental Hygiene Science – Pharmacology

Pharmacology emphasizes the study of drug origins, properties, dosages, and therapeutic effects. Specific consideration is given to those drugs used in dentistry and anesthesiology. (Prerequisites: BIOL 196C and BIOL 202C […]

Pain Management for the Dental Hygienist II

This course is designed to provide didactic and lab instruction in nitrous oxide/oxygen analgesia in accordance with American Dental Association Guidelines. The dental hygiene student will acquire comprehensive knowledge and […]

Pain Management for the Dental Hygienist I

This course is designed to prepare student dental hygienists for the safe and effective administration of local anesthesia nerve blocks and infiltrations. The course includes classroom, laboratory, and clinical instruction.  […]

Community Dental Health II

Students will implement the theory base from ADED 242C into the spring semester with practical applications of the ADED 242C course content. The course will entail completion of various projects […]

Community Dental Health I

Students will gain information in dental public health. Emphasis is on planning, education, healthcare promotion, epidemiology, evidenced-based research, basic biostatistics, cultural competence, and healthcare financing. (Prerequisite: ADED 201C.)

Concepts of Risk Management

This course will orient the student to risk management of a medical condition/emergency, and dental record documentation.  Ethics and jurisprudence topics related to risk management are also included. (Prerequisite: ADED […]

Dental Hygiene Community Clinic

Practical application of dental hygiene theories and techniques with emphasis on the oral health needs of special patient populations. Students will gain experience in a variety of educational and public […]

Clinical Dental Hygiene IV

Practical application of dental hygiene theories and techniques with emphasis on individual patients’ oral health needs and the further development of oral prophylactic and radiographic techniques, including the preparation of […]