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Management Internship

Students in this course engage in individually supervised employment within an area of management requiring applications of management theory and principles to the work environment. Students must work at least […]

Human Resource Management

A study of human resource management including the evolution of the personnel process, organizational models, leadership patterns, and issues touching upon planning, assessment, staffing, training, development, and environmental issues. Emphasis […]

Principles of Management

The course provides an understanding and appreciation of organizational structures and the role of the manager within these structures, with emphasis on the influence of the social sciences upon current […]


The basic principles of advertising and their role in media and society will be covered.  This includes the advertising environment in the 21st Century, agency and client relationships, consumer behavior, […]

Personal Financial Planning

Provides an effective learning experience in personal finance. Emphasis is on helping students make sound financial decisions in the areas of budgeting, insurance, taxes, credit, investment, real estate, and retirement […]

Principles of Finance

A study of the planning and control involved in financial statement analysis, working capital management, cash budgets, cash flows, and break-even analysis within a corporate environment. (Prerequisite: ACCT 102C)

Organizational Behavior

This course helps students to develop a more complete understanding of the distinctively human dimensions of management. Emphasis is placed upon the allocation of theory to real world problems as […]

Small Business Management

This course serves as the capstone experience for the Business Administration program through an integrated examination of formation, finance, marketing, operations, and the supply chain as applied to the small business. […]

Business Law II

Focuses on various forms of legal entities and Articles 2 and 9 of the UCC. The major laws governing securities, entities, antitrust, bankruptcy, and environmental issues are reviewed. Special emphasis […]

Business Law I

Law I is the study of the fundamental principles of law as they apply in the business world. The course examines legal rights and remedies and contracts. Students will gain […]

Health Care Management in the U.S.

This course will examine health care trends within the United States. The focus will be on the evolving nature of health care and current debates. Students will explore such topics […]

Principles of Retailing

This course provides the basis for understanding the world of retailing. Topics include retail strategy, store location, buying merchandise, assortment planning, inventory management, retailing, customer service and store layout. (Prerequisite: […]