Acknowledging that students will not only be workers but also citizens, family members, consumers, and life-long learners in a democratic society, NHTI seeks to foster in its students an understanding of the intellectual, cultural, aesthetic, economic and social dimensions of the world in which they live. While our students learn not only the technical theory and practice which will make them successful in their work, they also learn to analyze those ideas and values which will enable them to participate fully in the culture of their community. With this philosophy as a guide, therefore, NHTI stresses the acquisition of knowledge and skills which will allow students to be successful in a variety of roles: workers, students, community members, leaders, consumers, etc. Therefore, we commit ourselves to the following outcomes which we feel define the educated person:

  1. Demonstrates the values of integrity, responsibility, perseverance, tolerance of ambiguity, and appreciation for diversity;
  2. Reads, writes, speaks, and listens on a level that will facilitate the ability to work in a discipline and participate and contribute in a democratic community;
  3. Demonstrates a process for gathering, evaluating and applying information rationally and consistently to guide moral and ethical behavior;
  4. Demonstrates an understanding of diverse ideas, emotions and modes of expression, as expressed through literature and the arts;
  5. Evaluates the effect of historical trends, events, institutions, and social systems on society;
  6. Recognizes own strengths and weaknesses as a learner, and develops strategies for time management, documentation, evaluation processes, and personal improvement;
  7. Performs mathematical operations necessary to be competent in both a personal and professional setting;
  8. Demonstrates scientific thought, both quantitatively and qualitatively, by learning to recognize and formulate questions for analysis of human and technical problems;
  9. Demonstrates basic applications of computer technology to be competent on both a professional and personal level.