Each year, NHTI assesses our climate to ensure we are responding to our community and working towards collaboration and improvement of our institution in a caring culture that supports our mission to foster innovative teaching and learning.

We work to ensure our values of learning, mutual respect, engagement, accountability, innovation, and integrity are fostered in our interactions and work with each other and our students to create a welcoming environment and institution for all. Below are three assessment tools that have been used as a starting point, which provide perspectives of experiences.

To ensure transparency, all assessment reports are housed on this page.

Campus Climate: Shared Governance Working Group

Online Suggestion Box

If you have suggestions for climate improvements, recommendations can be made anonymously using the below form and are sent directly to the president’s email. 

Spring 2021

Report written by Ann Chapman, Employment, Policy & Higher Education Consultant Climate Assessment

Link to Report

Above is the climate assessment of 32 faculty members, 16 staff, and 1 student (primarily identified through College Council membership and referrals from College Council members). This report resulted from a College Council meeting held on Feb. 19, 2021, where allegations of intimidation and bullying were made regarding voting for proposals. The climate assessment report reveals that no workplace misconduct occurred.

The assessment provides perceptions of the working climate at NHTI and suggests next steps going forward. Topics of the report include:

  1. Issues to address, but there is good news, too
  2. Rome was not built in a day, and the college did not get here in a day
  3. Need for pandemic precautions exacerbates workplace issues, but did not cause them
  4. The faculty is not a monolith
  5. Communication, communication, communication
  6. Shared governance: A microcosm

Activities to address report:

  1. Survey to collect recommendations for positive community growth sent on 4/23/21 with report.
  2. Anonymous suggestion box on climate page.
  3. Taskforce of faculty and staff determined to address issues 5/21.
  4. Initial taskforce meetings 5/21 – 8/21. Ten-month faculty and staff who work on the taskforce will be compensated during the summer.
  5. Initial recommendations presented at Fall All-Campus Meeting 8/21.
  6. Taskforce will be ongoing for continuous climate improvement.

Spring 2021

Community College Survey of Student Engagement

The CCSSE was administered in Spring of 2021. The survey results will be located at this website once they are completed and reported.

Fall 2021

Great Colleges to Work for Survey

Biannually, the “Great Colleges to Work For” survey will be administered to all CCSNH colleges through Modern Think. It will be administered in Fall 2021 and was last received in 2019. Survey results and comments located here.

The survey scores the following categories:

  1. Job satisfaction/support
  2. Teaching environment
  3. Professional development
  4. Compensation, benefits, and work/life balance
  5. Facilities
  6. Policies, resources, and efficiency
  7. Shared governance
  8. Pride
  9. Supervisors/department chairs
  10. College leadership
  11. Faculty, administration, and staff relations
  12. Communication
  13. Collaboration
  14. Fairness
  15. Respect and admiration

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