NHTI ― Concord’s Community College is authorized to offer undergraduate programs (general, professional, technical and transfer programs, along with certificate and short term training programs) in the state of New Hampshire. 

According to TITLE XV EDUCATION CHAPTER 188-F, NHTI is authorized to operate in the state of New Hampshire under the authority of the Community College System of New Hampshire, a body politic and corporate established for the purpose of providing a well-coordinated system of public community college education.  As such, the Trustees of the Community College System are charged with oversight and governance of the System, and therefore NHTI Concord’s Community College.

Reference TITLE XV Chapter 188-F: 1 and 2. In accordance with 188-F:2, the Community College System has full and complete authority to authorize NHTI to conduct educational activities at locations within the state of New Hampshire.

Student services are maintained at the primary campus in Concord, NH.

Revised: May 9, 2019