We serve as a laboratory school for NHTI’s Early Childhood Education students along with serving 64 children (6 weeks- 6 years old) from the Greater Concord community. The philosophy of the NHTI Child and Family Development Center upholds the view that children’s development is enhanced by professionals trained in early childhood education, who model the principals of nurturance and respect, and who recognize children’s play as an expression of intelligence and growth.

What is a Laboratory School?

As a laboratory school, the Child and Family Development Center is a setting that demonstrates the best practices in early childhood education. Student teachers benefit from observing seasoned teachers collaborating with children in a community of learning. On a regular basis, these college students will work alongside staff in the classroom, planning and implementing meaningful activities under the supervision of the teachers.


At the Child and Family Development Center, we use Emergent Curriculum. Both words in the phrase are important. Emergent stresses that planning needs to be based on the daily life and interests of children and adults in the program, and reminds us that spontaneity is important in early childhood settings. Curriculum conveys the message that teacher planning also exists in an early childhood setting. Both spontaneity and planning come together in Emergent Curriculum.

All children enrolled at the CFDC are provided with responsive materials and absorbing play and work activities appropriate for their ages and personalities. Emphasis is on interactive play and learning, creative expression, language development, problem solving, and a balance of child initiated and adult-led activities. A central feature is the fostering of self-esteem as children develop social, emotional, intellectual, and physical skills. Teachers are trained observers and carefully construct an engaging and lively curriculum with devoted attention to the individual child, based on observations. Family members are valued as essential partners, and their ideas, insights and participation are actively sought. We reflect the philosophy of our professional organization, the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC), and have maintained our accreditation status with them for over 15 years.


Looking for child care? Please send us an email at nhticfdc@ccsnh.edu or call our main number at (603)-230-4024 to get more information. Please look at our FAQs section first, as you can find a lot of answers there. Please feel free to look at our pages for the Infant, Toddler, Preschool, and PreK/Kindergarten classrooms to give you some more details about each individual program.