August 3, 2020

Advances in computing power have led to a massive explosion in the amount of data available for analysis.  Many businesses do not take advantage of the opportunities to analyzing data and miss out on opportunities to improve the bottom line.

But why? Many leaders today have gaps in training and experience when it comes to data analytics and rely on others to make important business decisions or lead with only with instinct and guesses. With today’s challenges, making decisions based on data is essential.

Data Analytics for Leaders Microcredential

Ad for Data Analytics Course for BTC
NHTI Business and Training Center (BTC) is announcing our online series “Data Analytics for Leaders,” which introduces data analytics and common analytics tools and methods, providing you with an understanding of what it means to lead with data while actively working with visual datasets to develop best practices to tell a story or make an impact.  You’ll gain focus in people analytics and forecasting to develop meaningful action plans.
The six-week series includes:
  • Introduction to Data Analytics
  • Data Literacy for Leaders
  • Storytelling through Data Visualization to Communicate with Impact
  • People Analytics: Leveraging Human Capital to Improve Performance
  • Forecasting Basics and Pitfalls
  • Building an Action Plan with KPI’s and Google Analytics
No matter what area you manage or lead, you have a substantial amount of raw data or the ability to access it. With strong analytic skills, you will be able to communicate for impact and develop winning strategies for success.
Earn your Data Analytics for Leaders Microcredential with NHTI! Visit us today at or email for more information.