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NHTI is now developing more educational travel opportunities for students, faculty, staff, and the community. These include both domestic and international trips that are open to students as well as the general public. NHTI educational tours not only offer extensive sightseeing, but also provide an opportunity to truly immerse oneself in the culture or environment of a unique destination by participating in an enriched educational experience on location.

The beauty of this educational travel experience for the student is that it does not require a full semester abroad like most traditional college programs, yet the depth of learning still transpires. A journal and final paper is usually required and class meetings and assigned readings may also be necessary before and after your trip in order to meet the credit requirements.

Coming for Summer 2014


FL 112 Elementary Spanish II, 3 credits
EN291B / EN298A Contemporary Spanish Literature, 4 credits

Travel dates 5/26/2014 - 6/1/2014


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