User Guidelines

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User Guidelines:

  • Please sign-in. Please enter your name and activity into the sign-in computer each time you use the lab. Your faithful sign-in allows us to accurately report students' usage, as required by our funding source. These reports help us staff the lab and upgrade our hardware and software. If you enjoy using this lab and our services, please remember to sign in. Thanks for your cooperation!
  • Please do not eat or drink in the lab area. This protects our computers from accidental spills and down-time during repair.
  • If the lab is busy, please limit your non-academic use of the computer or Internet
  • Use the Internet responsibly. Use good sense and common courtesy by not visiting pornographic or violent content sites, which may be offensive to others in a public setting such as our lab. (See the Internet Guidelines for complete rules.)
  • Use the printer appropriately by previewing documents before printing, asking for help if the printer is not responding, and printing less than 15 pages at a time. (See the Printer Guidelines for more info.)

Internet Guidelines
Internet access is a privilege we provide to our students. The Internet is an increasingly valuable resource for research in a variety of subjects, offering up to date information in an incredibly wide range of topics. It can also be used to access web-based email accounts.

There are also many fun and interesting sites that are of great personal (but not necessarily academic) interest to students. We regularly see students in chat rooms, doing on-line shopping, or just looking up information about their interest or hobbies. We are glad to see such broad use of this resource, but if the lab is busy, please limit your non-academic Internet use, out of consideration to others who are waiting to use the computers for schoolwork.

We also ask that students exercise good sense and common courtesy by not visiting pornographic or violent content sites, which may be offensive to others in a public setting such as our lab.

Unacceptable (and in fact illegal) uses of the Internet include:

  • Use for illegal purposes
  • Sending obscene, threatening or harassing material
  • Propagating computer viruses or worms
  • Unauthorized entry into other computers ("hacking")
  • Unauthorized access to files or copying of files of another user
  • Interference or disruption of network users
  • Distribution of unsolicited advertising

Failure to follow these guidelines may result in loss of privileges in our lab.

Printing Guidelines
In an attempt to conserve paper (saving money, trees, and landfill space) we ask that you follow these guidelines:

  • Do not print more than 15 pages at a time. Do not use the printer to 'make copies'. Use the copier in the library.
  • Do not print entire PowerPoint documents. Print 3 or 6 handouts to a page, please.
  • Spell Check your documents before printing.
  • Before you print anything, Print Preview it. Print Preview is the 5th Tool from the left on the first toolbar (or you can File/Print Preview). This allows you to see what is about to print and notice glaring errors or extra blank pages. You can then go back and fix problems without wasting paper.
  • Once you have printed the document, you may find you need to fix one page (or more) although you may not need to reprint the whole document. Figure out which pages need correcting, then print only those pages. (Use File/Print, not the Print Tool. Under Page Range, type in the number of the page or pages you wish to print and then hit OK.)
  • If you print from the Internet, please also use Print Preview to see how many pages you are about to print. If you only want one page, then only print that page. Figure out which pages are needed, then use File/Print rather than Print tool to tell the computer the Page Range.
  • Once you have hit the Print tool (or hit File/Print), it can take up to 1 minute for the printer to begin printing, especially if nothing has printed for several minutes. Do not hit Print again!! (Especially if this is a long printout.) The printer may need paper or have some other problem. Ask a staff person for help.

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