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Active Student Organizations

A student activity period is scheduled from 12 - 2 p.m. on Tuesday of each week to provide time for students and faculty to participate in student organizations of special interest.

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Alliance Club 
Alliance Club seeks to support the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender community at NHTI through education, activism, and the promotion of acceptance of all individuals regardless of sexual orientation. All community members are welcome to join. For more information please contact Elibet Chase at or (603) 271-6484 x4137.

Alternative Spring Break Club 
The Alternative Spring Break Club performs community service during their substance free, Alternative Spring Break. The club does fundraising and hosts service projects throughout the year. The group has traveled to Georgia, Vermont, Mississippi, California, and Texas to perform various services. For more information please contact Ali Ressing at or (603) 271-6484 x4198.

Architectural Engineering Technology Club 
The AET club was formed to provide AET students with a platform to form a community. It offers students learning and social experience outside the classroom. Students actively plan their activities through the year. Students plan architectural trips, invite guest speakers and consistently seek ways to contribute to the community. Anyone interested in this club should contact the department head. For more information please contact David Schatzle at or (603) 271-6484 x4296.



Campus Activities Board 
The Campus Activities Board is a diverse group of students that provide a variety of social, educational, and cultural programs and events for the NHTI campus and community. It's a great way to meet new people and develop new skills. For more information please contact Heidi Schmidt at or (603) 271-6484 x4297.

Central Ray Society
The purpose of the Central Ray Society is to promote the profession of Radiologic Technology as well as educate fellow NHTI students and the surrounding community about Radiation Technology and Radiation Safety. As part of our mission we will also be giving back to the community throughout the state of New Hampshire by doing various types of volunteer work. The society will also provide resource services, enrichment services and professional growth services in an effort to prepare our students for entering the professional work force. For more information please contact Patty Lenza at or (603) 271-6484 x4235.

Christian Student Organization 
The Christian Student Organization's goal is to serve the college and community. Through this process, we will be forming new friendships, and offering support and encouragement to our fellow students. All are welcome and invited to join us! For more information please contact Anni McLaughlin at or (603) 271-6484 x4254.

Cosmonaut Agency
NHTI Cosmonaut Agency collects research data from the stratosphere for scientific use either medical or technological. To obtain this data NHTI Cosmonaut Agency conducts experiments using weather balloons. The balloons are built by the members of the agency. They travel to different locations conducting space balloon launches; NHTI Cosmonaut Agents must be prepared to chase the balloon once it pops and descends back to earth. The agency conducts regular weekly meetings to organize fundraising events, construction times and launch dates. If interested please contact: Laurence DiBiaso (603) 271.6484 ext. 4154

Criminal Justice Club 
The Criminal Justice Club provides an opportunity to network and work with others who are either in the Criminal Justice major, or are interested in the Criminal Justice field. For more information please contact Steve O'Donnell at or (603) 271-6484 x4270.

Cultural Exchange Club 
Cultural Exchange Club is a diverse group of people with the goal of understanding and appreciating other's diverse cultural values and traditions. The Cultural Exchange Club also promotes the value of students and faculty of diverse ethnic backgrounds and shares cultural traditions through events and activities. For more information please contact Aaron R. Hughes at or (603) 271-6484 ext. 4326.



Environmental Action Club 
The Environmental Action Club is a student club whose goal is to promote awareness about our impact on the environment and to educate our fellow students and the community about how they can help contribute to a cleaner environment. By organizing Green Initiatives, increasing awareness of our environmental impact and creating a Green Culture on campus, we help to ensure a healthier Earth for ourselves and future generations. For more information please contact Ruth Heath at or (603) 271-6484 x4200.

The Eye 
The Eye is a student literary collection that is published annually in April and consists of students' writing. Students on the Editorial Board decide what shall be published. All full and part-time students of NHTI are invited to submit texts for consideration. To submit texts electronically, please follow this link: Submit Here. MS WORD FILES (.doc or .docx) ARE STRONGLY SUGGESTED. For more information please contact Paula DelBonis-Platt at or (603) 271-6484 x4151.



Hall Council (North, South and Strout Hall) 
Hall Council is the student voice for your Residence Hall. If you live in a Residence Hall, it is highly recommended that you become a member of Hall Council to get to know your fellow hall mates, to improve the Residence Hall, organize trips, events and other fun activities for your Residence Hall. Contact your Resident Assistant or Resident Director for more information.

Human Service Club 
The Human Service Club is an active service organization that creates positive opportunities to serve, and enhance skills in the Human Services Field. In the past they have hosted The Improbable Players, an "addiction recovery" troupe; presented a booth at the Wellness Fair and volunteered for various campus/community activities. Come join in serving the NHTI and Concord communities and celebrate success at the end-of-the-school-year social event. For more information please contact Kathleen Curran at or (603) 271-6484 x4147.



Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers
The Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers is 125 years old and claims to be the largest technical society in the world. IEEE brings members access to the industry's most essential technical information, networking opportunities, career development tools, and many other exclusive benefits. For more information please contact Bill French at or (603) 271-6484 x4175.



Math Team
The NHTI Math Team is an organization for anyone interested in the intriguing and beautiful world of mathematics. The overall goal of the club is to explore areas of mathematics not normally covered in standard curriculum, such as number theory, graph theory, etc. During the course of the year, the student members compete in two nationwide competitions with the opportunity to win scholarships. For more information please contact Dan Shagena at or (603) 271-6484 x4307.



National Education Association Student Association at NHTI (NEA) 
NEA is for all NHTI students intending to become certified teachers. Membership includes opportunities for career networking with students and faculty members from other colleges in NH and across the United States. National affiliation includes monthly publications and liability insurance coverage. Share teaching tips, transfer plans and latest issues in education. For more information please contact Cynthia Lucero at or (603) 271-6484 x4246.

NH Junior Dental Assistants Association (NHJDAA) 
Interested in the Dental field? Are you in the Dental Assisting major? Come meet members of the Dental field. We also participate in community service activities like the annual wiffleball tournament. For more information please contact Lisa Scott at or (603) 271-6484 x4301.



OrthoBlast Society 
The purpose of the OrthoBlast Society is to promote the Orthopaedic Technology profession, as well as educate fellow NHTI students and our community about Orthopaedics. The club's mission is to promote professional advancement, encourage community involvement and support and develop leadership. It will also provide enrichment services and professional growth in an effort to prepare our students for entering the professional work force. For more information please contact Lisa Joyce at



Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society 
Phi Theta Kappa is an international honor society for students attending two year colleges. Alpha Upsilon Omicron is NHTI's campus Chapter which seeks to recognize and encourage scholarship among students, develop opportunities for leadership, fellowship, and service, as well as provide an intellectual climate for continued academic excellence. Membership is limited to students who have met the following minimums: 12 hours of study and an overall GPA of 3.5. Applications are posted outside of the club office which is located on the second floor of the Student Center Rotunda room SC233. For questions reqarding membership and other information please contact or call (603) 271-6484 x4184.

Practical Nurses Student Association
The Practical Nurses Student Association is an NHTI student group for students enrolled in the Practical Nursing Program or any matriculated student at NHTI. The club's mission is to promote optimal health of all individuals, encourage community involvement and support, develop leadership in members, and provide professional advancement and fellowship opportunities. For more information please contact Susan Kenna at or (603) 271-6484 x4219.



Running Club 
The purpose of the Running Club is to give NHTI students, faculty, staff, administrators, and alumni an opportunity to run together and interact with other runners. The club runs together throughout the year and selects several local road races to run in, either individually or as a team. The overall goal of the club is to promote running and physical fitness at NHTI. For information please contact Perry Seagroves at or (603) 271-6484 x4303.



Social Science Club
One of the main goals of the club is to encourage understanding of social conditions and change in the local area as well as building strong relationships in the community and campus wide. It is open to anyone interested in sociology, psychology, history, economics, ethics, political science or related fields. We welcome all students regardless of major; to enjoy speakers, debate hot topics, discuss local points of interest and share ideas with us. For more information please contact Jeanne Duford at or (603) 271-6484 x4162.

Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME) 
Interested in Manufacturing Engineering? Join the student chapter of SME. SME is a national organization that deals with manufacturing issues and topics. As a member you receive many benefits which will enhance your career. Some benefits are: employer contacts, resume database, access to information on manufacturing, scholarship awards and certification. For more information please contact Joe Cunningham at or (603) 271-6484 x4162.

Sports Management Club
If you are into sporting events, you will want to become a member of an exciting and dynamic group of students working on a wide variety of interesting projects. The practical experience of organizing many different types of activities, visiting sites like NHMS, ESPN, and the DCU Center are but a few of many opportunities that our group enjoys throughout the calendar year. For more information please contact Mike Moffett at or (603) 271-6484 x4416.

Stage LYNX Productions (Drama Club) 
The NHTI Stage Lynx club is one of the oldest clubs on campus going back over thirty decades. One of the unique aspects of our work is the combination of students, faculty and staff all working together both onstage and off to present two or three major productions a year. Past shows have included A Rock 'n' Roll Christmas CarolThe Vagina Monologues, and You're a Good Man Charlie Brown among others. For more information please contact Jewel Davis at or (603) 271-6484 x4150.

Student American Dental Hygienists Association (SADHA) 
SADHA provides an opportunity to keep up to date with current dental hygiene technology and practices. For more information please contact Karen Mercer at or (603) 271-6484 ext. 4255.

Student Early Childhood Association (SECA) 
Would you enjoy doing community service, planning a social event, or attending a professional conference related to children and families? Then join SECA. You gain more knowledge and ability by attending meetings and taking an active role in the Early Childhood Association. For more information please contact Sarah Henry (603) 271-6484 x 4204.

Student Nurses Association (SNA) 
A pre-professional group for student nurses with state and national affiliations. The SNA organizes, represents and mentors students preparing for initial licensure as registered nurses. It promotes development of the skills that students will need as responsible and accountable members of the nursing profession. Students have the opportunity to meet other nursing students, share ideas, and keep up to date on the latest technology and practices. Student enrolled in the nursing program and pre-nursing students (identified by the school) who are not yet in the nursing major are eligible for membership. For more information please contact Judy Odom at or (603) 271-6484 ext. 4359.

Student Leadership Program
It is the goal of the Student Leadership Program to provide training and opportunities for students to learn valuable life skills such as: public speaking, vision and goal settings, conflict resolution, budgeting, team building, time management, networking and much more. The program will provide students the opportunity to fine tune skills that many employers find valuable and important in employees. For more information, please contact Ali Ressing at or 271-6484 ext. 4198.

Student Senate 
The Student Senate is one of the campus' most fun, challenging, active and rewarding organizations. It is responsible for approving many budgets on campus and playing an integral role in the development of student leaders, developing a positive learning experience on campus, and building a community within NHTI. For more information please contact Marty Hunt at or (603) 271-6484 x4211 or the Student Senate Office at (603) 271-6484 x4190.



Travel Society
The Travel Society gives students the opportunities to travel to destinations such as NYC and DC.  Many of these trips involve attending Travel Organization EXPO’s such as the NY Times Travel Show and the Adventure Travel Show.   This gives students the opportunity to network with industry professionals. For more information please contact Maryanne Adams at or (603) 271-6484 x 4100.



Veterans Club 
The mission of the Student Veterans Club is to increase awareness and understanding of Veterans' issues on campus and facilitate the successful transition from "combat to classroom." Focus is to provide military veterans, their families and civilian supporters, a welcoming atmosphere and a social environment to provide the veteran the resources necessary for success in his/her academic endeavors. For more information please contact Liz Pontacoloni at or (603) 271-6484 x4279.


 Inactive Student Organizations

These Student Organizations are inactive at this point but have been formally approved. Students interested in re-activating these student organizations should speak to Chuck Lloyd at (603) 271-6484 x4244.

  • The Alumni Club
  • The Film Society
  • Gamers League
  • Guild of Alternative Religions and Associated Sciences (GARAS)
  • Mindfulness, Awareness, Communication, Knowledge, and Kindness (MACKK)
  • Outing Club
  • Paralegal Association
  • Paramedic Student Organization (PS0)
  • Poetry Club
  • Sustainable Energy Ventures


Office of Student Life
31 College Drive
Concord, NH 03301-7412
(603) 230-4045

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