Changing Classroom Behavor

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Instructor Polly Bath

Polly BathPolly Bath is a widely recognized educational consultant in New England schools. She consults to and trains administrators, teachers, and paraprofessionals on how to manage and change difficult school behavior. She has gained her reputation most especially by teaching educators how to change the difficult behaviors that have been the most resistant to change.
Her strategies are effective in the inclusive general education classroom as well as in special education settings. Her successful techniques come from her extensive experiences as a teacher of students with emotional and behavioral disorders.

Polly’s classroom experience includes Pre-School through High School, including pre-vocational skills for students transitioning to the work place. She has taught in public, private and alternative settings that include residential treatment for some of our most challenged children.

“It’s what the adults do differently that will result in change for the child.”

Designed for both teachers and paraprofessionals, this workshop will focus on identifying the causal factors for behavior and how our response cannot only manage the behavior but create change. Topics include:

  • identifying skills deficits and how we can provide intervention
  • avoiding the pitfalls that create and escalate behaviors
  • avoiding, managing and breaking the power struggle
  • “pinpointing” and targeting the behavior(s)
  • management techniques for the classroom and the individual

Date: March 4, 5 - 8 pm

Cost: $45 (includes box lunch)

Instructor: Polly Bath

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