Gain Confidence and Say What You Mean: Assertive Communication

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Gain Confidence and Say What You Mean: Assertive Communication

  • Are there times when you need to refuse a request and feel uncomfortable doing so?
  • Do you work for multiple people who compete for your time and talents?
  • Do you work with someone who has a practice of borrowing your “work tools” without asking? 
  • Does a teammate constantly interrupt you when you’re speaking?
  • Does someone continuously fail to meet their deadlines – particularly when you count on their commitment?
  • Does a coworker have a habit that distracts you from accomplishing your work?

In positions that require interaction with others, assertiveness skills are critical to our effectiveness and success. Communicating assertively can help prevent problems, manage stress levels, improve self-confidence, and make a stronger impression on those with whom we interact.

In this workshop, you will learn specific techniques that will help you:

  • Express ideas and opinions more clearly and directly,
  • Disagree without antagonizing,
  • Face uncomfortable situations in a straight-forward manner, and

Say no without feeling guilty.

Price: $75                            

Date:  April 17, 9:00 am - noon

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