Microsoft Excel Spring 2014

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  • February 25 & 27
  • April 8 & 10

Price: $115

Course Outline:

  • Unit 1: Getting started
    Topic A: Spreadsheet terminology
    Topic B: Exploring the Excel window
    Topic C: Getting help
  • Unit 2: Entering and editing data
    Topic A: Creating workbooks
    Topic B: Entering and editing labels and values
    Topic C: Entering and editing formulas
    Topic D: Saving and updating workbooks
  • Unit 3: Modifying a worksheet
    Topic A: Moving and copying data
    Topic B: Moving and copying formulas
    Topic C: Using absolute references
    Topic D: Inserting and deleting ranges
  • Unit 4: Using functions
    Topic A: Entering functions
    Topic B: Using AutoSum
    Topic C: Using AVERAGE, MIN, and MAX
  • Unit 5: Formatting worksheets
    Topic A: Formatting text
    Topic B: Formatting rows and columns
    Topic C: Number formatting
  • Unit 6: Printing
    Topic A: Preparing to print
    Topic B: Page Setup options
    Topic C: Printing worksheets
  • Unit 7: Creating charts
    Topic A: Chart basics
    Topic B: Modifying charts
    Topic C: Printing charts

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