Microsoft Word Intermediate

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  • March 18 & 20, 5:30 - 8:30
  • April 15 & 17, 2:00 - 5:00 pm


Price: $115

Course Outline:

  • Unit 1: Working with sections and columns
    Topic A: Creating and formatting sections
    Topic B: Working with multiple columns
    Topic C: Working with text in columns
  • Unit 2: Formatting tables
    Topic A: Table formatting basics
    Topic B: Borders and shading
    Topic C: Table AutoFormat
    Topic D: Drawing tables
  • Unit 3: Working with Excel data
    Topic A: Importing data into word documents
  • Unit 4: Working with styles
    Topic A: Creating styles
    Topic B: Modifying and deleting styles
    Topic C: Navigating in large documents
  • Unit 5: Headers and footers
    Topic A: Different headers and footers
    Topic B: Page numbering
  • Unit 6: Printing labels and envelopes
    Topic A: Labels and envelopes
  • Unit 7: Working with graphics and objects
    Topic A: Working with graphics and clip art
    Topic B: Inserting WordArt and symbols
    Topic C: Customizing the background
    Topic D: Using drawing tools
  • Unit 8: Document templates
    Topic A: Template basics
    Topic B: Creating templates
  • Unit 9: Managing document revisions
    Topic A: Tracking changes in a document
    Topic B: Working with comments
    Topic C: Comparing document versions
  • Unit 10: Mail Merge

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