Dropping Classes/Withdrawing from NHTI

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Dropping Classes with a Refund
Students who officially withdraw from the college or individual courses by the end of the fourteenth (14th) calendar day of the semester will receive a 100% refund of tuition, less non-refundable fees. Students in classes that meet in a format shorter than the traditional semester (15 or 16 weeks) will have seven (7) calendar days from the designated start of the class to withdraw for a full refund. Exception: students in courses that meet for two weeks or fewer must drop by the end of the first day of the class in order to receive a refund. If the last day to drop with a refund falls on a weekend or holiday, the drop refund date will be the first business day following the weekend or holiday.

Students must notify the Registrar's Office or the Academic Advising Center, by phone, fax, email or in person, prior to the published date for “Last Day to Withdraw with Refund”  (see Drop Date Grid below and NHTI Refund Policy) in order to receive a refund.

Students should always consult with an academic advisor prior to withdrawing from a course to avoid adverse consequences such as loss of financial aid eligibility, loss of athletic eligibility, loss of residence life eligibility, loss of VA Education Benefits, or inability to meet program completion expectations.

Dropping Classes after the Refund Period

Students wishing to drop a course after the “Last Day to Withdraw with Full Refund” should be aware that the Registrar's Office is the only official authority within the college designated to accept withdrawal notification. Students are urged to consult with their academic advisor and to submit a signed Withdrawal/Drop form to the Registrar's Office to show their intent to withdraw. Students may also withdraw from the college by phone, fax or mail to the Registrar's Office.

Officially dropping a course prior to the completion of 60% of the scheduled duration of the course will result in a grade of “W” (withdrawn) being entered on the transcript with no effect on cumulative GPA

Officially withdrawing after the 60% completion date requires the instructor to issue a grade of “WP” (withdraw passing) or “WF” (withdraw failing) on the DROP form. A grade of “WP” will not affect the cumulative GPA; however, a grade of “WF” will be calculated into the cumulative GPA (See also Grading System.

Registering for a course obligates a student to pay for that course unless the appropriate notification has been provided as described above.

If a student ceases attendance without providing official notification, the default withdrawal date, for financial aid purposes, will be the midpoint of the semester. Students who stop attending class may be dropped by their instructor with an AF grade, or they will receive an AF from the instructor at the end of the semester. The AF grade does affect the cumulative GPA and financial aid.

If you decided to drop a class…DO NOT JUST STOP ATTENDING. Fill out a Course Drop Form and return it to the Registrar’s Office, or drop your class online via the Student Information System (during open registration periods).


Drop Dates for Spring 2014 Courses

Part of Term Description Start Date End Date Last Date to Drop with a Refund Last Date to Drop with a "W"/60% Date
1 Full Semester Courses 21-Jan-14 12-May-14 3-Feb-14 1-Apr-14
ZZ Online Courses 21-Jan-14 12-May-14 3-Feb-14 1-Apr-14
1B 12 Week Saturdays 25-Jan-14 19-Apr-14 31-Jan-14 12-Mar-14
1C 14 Week Saturdays 25-Jan-14 3-May-14 31-Jan-14 28-Mar-14
2 1st Half of Semester 21-Jan-14 7-Mar-14 27-Jan-14 19-Feb-14
3 2nd Half of Semester 10-Mar-14 12-May-14 17-Mar-14 21-Apr-14
ES eStart Courses 21-Jan-14 12-May-14 3-Feb-14 1-Apr-14
H5 One Week Course EN 120 17-Mar-14 21-Mar-14 17-Mar-14 19-Mar-14
LS2 Late Start - CJ 215-HY 28-Jan-14 22-Apr-14 3-Feb-14 14-Mar-14
LS3 Late Start - CJ 205-HY 3-Feb-14 28-Apr-14 10-Feb-14 31-Mar-14
LS4 Late Start - CJ 225-HY 27-Jan-14 21-Apr-14 3-Feb-14 14-Mar-14
LS5 Late Start - RE 101-M & DN 105-BTC 27-Jan-14 7-Apr-14 3-Feb-14 5-Mar-14
LS6 Late Start - HT 115 3-Feb-14 3-Mar-14 10-Feb-14 20-Feb-14
LS7 Late Start - HT 247 10-Mar-14 5-May-14 17-Mar-14 16-Apr-14

Drop Dates for Summer 2014 Courses

Part of Term Description Start Date End Date Last Date to Drop w/Refund Last Date to Drop with W Grade/60% Date
1 Full Term 2-Jun-14 8-Aug-14 9-Jun-14 14-Jul-14
1A 8 Week Evening Classes 2-Jun-14 25-Jul-14 9-Jun-14 7-Jul-14
1B 9 Week Evening - BI 202 2-Jun-14 31-Jul-14 9-Jun-14 7-Jul-14
1C 7 Week Course - BI 109 3-Jun-14 15-Jul-14 9-Jun-14 30-Jun-14
ZZ Online Courses 2-Jun-14 8-Aug-14 9-Jun-14 14-Jul-14
2 1st Half of Semester 2-Jun-14 3-Jul-14 9-Jun-14 23-Jun-14
2A Manufacturing Boot Camp 2-Jun-14 27-Jun-14 9-Jun-14 17-Jun-14
3 2nd Half of Semester 7-Jul-14 8-Aug-14 14-Jul-14 28-Jul-14
CL1 Paralegal Cert Class I - PL 241 15-May-14 5-Jun-14 21-May-14 28-May-14
CL2 Paralegal Cert Class II - PL 251 9-Jun-14 17-Jul-14 16-Jun-14 2-Jul-14
CL3 Paralegal Cert Class III - PL 261 21-Jul-14 31-Jul-14 21-Jul-14 28-Jul-14
CL4 Paralegal Cert Class IV - PL 271 4-Aug-14 18-Aug-14 4-Aug-14 12-Aug-14
H1 One Week Course -EN 121 4-Jun-14 10-Jun-14 4-Jun-14 9-Jun-14
H2 One Week Course -EN 120CM/PY 220 9-Jun-14 13-Jun-14 9-Jun-14 11-Jun-14
H3 One Week Course - PI 242 16-Jun-14 20-Jun-14 16-Jun-14 18-Jun-14
H4 One Week Course - EN 120CM-H1 23-Jun-14 27-Jun-14 23-Jun-14 25-Jun-14
H5 One Week Course - IT 102 25-Jun-14 1-Jul-14 25-Jun-14 30-Jun-14
H6 One Week Course - IT 102 30-Jul-14 5-Aug-14 30-Jul-14 4-Aug-14
H7 One Week Course - IT 108 9-Jul-14 17-Jul-14 9-Jul-14 14-Jul-14
LN1 LNC 104 Class 6-Jun-14 3-Jul-14 12-Jun-14 23-Jun-14
LN2 LNC 105 Class 18-Jul-14 1-Aug-14 24-Jul-14 28-Jul-14
LN3 LNC 106 Class 20-May-14 19-Aug-14 26-May-14 14-Jul-14
LS PM 290 20-Jun-14 14-Aug-14 26-Jun-14 23-Jul-14
LS2 Late Start - ESOL Courses 23-Jun-14 15-Aug-14 30-Jun-14 25-Jul-14
LS3 Late Start - CJ 225-HY 10-Jun-14 22-Jul-14 16-Jun-14 7-Jul-14
LS4 Late Start - CH 100-MW 16-Jun-14 4-Aug-14 23-Jun-14 15-Jul-14
DA Dental Assisting 19-May-14 27-Jun-14 27-May-14 11-Jun-14
DH Dental Hygiene 20-May-14 24-Jul-14 27-May-14 30-Jun-14
DMS DMS Courses 19-May-14 25-Jul-14 27-May-14 30-Jun-14
NU Nursing Courses 19-May-14 29-Jul-14 27-May-14 1-Jul-14
ORT Orthopaedic 13-May-14 27-Jun-14 19-May-14 9-Jun-14
PM Paramedic 13-May-14 27-Jun-14 19-May-14 9-Jun-14
PN Practical Nurse 19-May-14 11-Aug-14 27-May-14 8-Jul-14
RTF RT First Year Courses 10-Jun-14 1-Aug-14 16-Jun-14 11-Jul-14
RTS RT/RTH Second Year Courses 19-May-14 1-Aug-14 27-May-14 2-Jul-14


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