Paramedic Emergency Medicine Degree - Meet our Faculty/Staff

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Full-Time Faculty/Staff

Dr. Patrick Lanzetta, Program Medical DirectorDr. Patrick Lanzetta, Program Medical Director

Patrick Lanzetta serves as the program's Medical Director. A graduate of St. John's University of New York, Dr. Lanzetta earned his medical doctor degree from the University of Montpelier in France in 1973. A lieutenant colonel in the Army Reserve, Dr. Lanzetta has assisted with field medic training since 1986. Dr. Lanzetta, who is board-certified as an emergency department physician, is presently affiliated with Frisbie Memorial Hospital in Rochester, N.H.

Nancy Brubaker, N.R. EMT-P, RN, CEN, MEdNancy Brubaker, N.R. EMT-P, RN, CEN, MEd.

Nancy Brubaker, Paramedic Program Director/Professor holds a Masters Degree in Education, an A.S. in EMS (1984) from NHTI, and an A.S. in Nursing (1994). She currently works as a prehospital Paramedic and Nurse for Speare Memorial Hospital in Plymouth, N.H. Specialty Area: Physical Assessment.


Keith Wilding, M.A.T., N.R.EMT-P

Keith holds a Masters of Arts in Teaching/Science Education from Boston University (1994). After four years of teaching high school science in Easton, Massachusetts, Keith entered EMS as an EMT-B for Cataldo Ambulance. Since graduating from Northeastern University's Institute for EMS (1999) Keith has worked as a full-time Paramedic and Field Training Officer for Fallon Ambulance. Specialty Area: Patient Assessment, Special Populations.


Adjunct Faculty

David Franklin, A.S., MA EMT-PDavid Franklin, A.S., MA EMT-P

Dave graduated in 1994 with an Associates Degree in Emergency Medical Services. For the past 15 years has worked at Cataldo Ambulance in Massachusetts, working the busiest emergency units. Over the years at Cataldo, he has been involved in the precepting of paramedic students and new employees. He has worked with the Clinical Education Department providing training for their employees as well as many of the fire departments in the area. Dave is currently working as a clinical field supervisor for the sreivce which is responsible for overseeing all operations in the busiest division which covers six cities. Specialty Area: Advanced Cardiology - 12-Leads interpretation.

Stephen Lorenze, A.S., N.R.EMT-PStephen Lorenze, A.S., N.R.EMT-P

Stephen graduated from NHTI in 2001 with an Associates Degree in Emergency Medical Services. Stephen has worked for Concord Fire Department since 1996 as a firefighter/paramedic. He is assigned to the busiest ambulance, and has been a preceptor to a number of students. Stephen also owns his own a business that provides medical education of all types in the public sector. His speciality area is Trauma and Procedures Labs. Stephen joined the NHTI team in 2008.

NHTI, Concord's Community College Paramedic Emergency Medicine Adjunct Professor Jean RichardsonJean Richardson, B.S., M.S.N.

Jean received a B.S. in Nursing and a B.S. in Vocational Education from UNH in 1995. In 1999, she graduated from the University of Texas with her A.R.N.P., specializing in emergency medicine. She has worked as an EMT-RN and currently works as an ER-ARNP at Speare Hospital in Plymouth, NH. Area of Expertise: Physical Assessment

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