Course Descriptions

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Course DescriptionPlease note: Courses are listed in alphabetical order by subject heading.

Number sequencing to the right of the course name means the following: first digit designates the number of lecture hours for the course; the second digit designates the number of lab, clinic or practicum hours; and the third digit designates the credit hours for the course.

Prerequisite: a course that must be passed prior to proceeding with a more advanced course; minimum passing grade for a prerequisite course is a "D minus" unless otherwise indicated.

Corequisite: a course that must be taken concurrently (at the same time) with another course. (Note that with departmental permission, a corequisite course may sometimes be taken in advance of the course for which it is a corequisite.)

Course descriptions are presented by subject heading with corresponding lettered course designator.

Courses numbered 100-199: These courses are typically introductory and/or freshman-level courses. Some may require assessment testing and/or completion of prerequisites prior to enrollment.

Courses numbered 200 or higher: Instruction in these courses assumes that students will have successfully completed one or more semesters of college level study prior to enrollment. Additionally, some courses may require one or more specific prerequisites.

Honors Courses offered at NHTI

Complete Listing of Course Descriptions (PDF)
Accounting = AC
Accounting (Basic) = AC (Certificate Program)
Accounting (Advanced) = AC (Certificate Program)
Addiction Counseling = AD
Advanced Manufacturing Processes = MP (Certificate Program)
Anthropology = AN
Animation and Graphic Game Programming = AG
Architectural Engineering Technology - Architectural Focus = AR
Architectural Engineering Technology - Civil Focus = CV
Biology = BI
Business Administration = BU
Chemistry = CH
Community Social Service = CS (Certificate Program)
Computer Aided Design = CAD & CD
Computer Engineering Technology = CP
Computer Technology Programming (Advanced) = CP (Certificate Program)
Criminal Justice = CJ
Allied Dental Education = DN
Dental Assisting = DN
Dental Hygiene = DN
Design Visualization = DV
Diagnostic Medical Sonography = DS
Early Childhood Education = EC
Early Childhood Education = EC (Certificate Program)
Economics = EO
Education = ED/TECP
Electronic Engineering Technology = EL
Electronic Technology = EL (Certificate Program)
English = EN
English as a Second Language = LS
Environmental Science = ENV
Event/Conference Management = HT (Certificate Program)
Fine Arts = FA
Foreign Language = FL
General Studies = GS
Geology = GEOL
Gerontology = GE
Health Science = HS
History = HI
Hospitality and Tourism Management = HT
Hotel Administration = HT
Human Service = HU

Information Technology = IT
Information Technology = IT Applications Development (Certificate Program)
Information Technology = IT Networking (Certificate Program)
Interdisciplinary = IDS
Landscape and Environmental Design = LD
Landscape Design = LD (Certificate Program)
Learning Support = LC
Mathematics = MT
Manufacturing Engineering Technology = MF
Mechanical Engineering Technology = MC
Medical Coding = HS (Certificate Program)
Mental Health = MH
Nursing = NU
Orthopaedic Technology = ORTH
Paralegal Studies = PL
Paralegal Studies = PL (Certificate Program)
Paramedic = PM
Peer Mentoring = PRMT
Philosophy = PI
Physics = PH
Political Science = PS
Practical Nursing = PN
Psychology = PY
Radiation Therapy = RTH
Radiologic Technology = XR
Real Estate = RE
Reading = RDNG
Robotics and Automation Engineering Technology = RB
Science = SC
Sociology = SO
Special Education = ED (Certificate Program)
Sports Management = SM
Sports Management = SM (Certificate Program)
Student Leadership = LEAD
Teacher Education Conversion Program = ED/TECP
Tourism Information Technology = HT (Certificate Program)
Travel and Tourism = HT (Certificate Program)
Visual Arts = VRTS


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